Featured Bridges For April 2020

For more than ten years, BridgeURL users have been using our service to create interesting and useful bridges to share with their family and friends. We have had PR agencies use BridgeURL to share their latest campaigns with their clients. We have had airplane staff use BridgeURL as a bookmark for all their internal login pages.

Now, each month, BridgeURL will feature the most interesting and popular bridges created using our service. We will of course not be highlighting the NSFW ones and those that are meant to be confidential. If you are the owner of one of these bridges and want this to be removed from the list, please feel free to get in touch with us.

List of experts/studies/analyses challenging Covid-10 panic – http://bridgeurl.com/list-of-experts-studies-analyses-challenging-covid-19-panic-3

Coronavirus Fall 2020http://bridgeurl.com/corona-virus-fall-2020/all

Coronavirus Come Aiutare (Italian – Coronavirus – how to help) – http://bridgeurl.com/coronavirus-come-aiutare/all and http://bridgeurl.com/coronavirus-come-aiutare-1/all

Stay home and readhttp://bridgeurl.com/stay-home-and-read/all

Arteries for anatomy presentation – http://bridgeurl.com/arteries-for-anatomy-presentation/all

The Vegan diet and the environmnet – http://bridgeurl.com/the-vegan-diet-and-the-environment/all

Telling time to the nearest half hourhttp://bridgeurl.com/telling-time-to-the-nearest-half-hour/all

David M Kessler Fine Art on Abstract Painting – http://bridgeurl.com/david-m-kessler-fine-art-on-abstract-painting/all

Rope access training linkshttp://bridgeurl.com/rope-access-training-perth/all and http://bridgeurl.com/rope-access-training-brisbane/all