How To Use Heatmaps To Create The Perfect Marketing Campaign

Millions of websites, ever-increasing demands, and plenty of competitors. If we hear the word e-commerce, similar words may come to mind.

Website or webshop owners haven’t got an easy task as they need to operate their business with these factors. Their main goal is usually to sell as many products as possible and increase their conversion rate.

But how can they be successful in such difficult circumstances? The solution is based on continuous measurements, for which heatmaps are perfect and often used tools.

In the following, you can read about how this tool can help you to run a successful online business run.

What is heatmap analytics?

Heatmap is an analytical tool based on quality data. You can use it primarily to gauge the effective elements of your website and how visitors use your website.

These tools show the effective parts of your website with warm colors and the less effective ones with cold colors. You can use it to find out what products, colors or CTAs work well in your webshop.

There are several types of tools available to you, depending on what your purpose is, what you want to measure:

  • Click heatmap
  • Segment heatmap
  • Scroll heatmap

Click heatmap

Click heatmaps can be called traditional tools. It evaluates the effective and less effective parts of your website based on clicks. You can use it to find out which subpages your visitors visit most often, or even how they purchase process works on your website.

This tool is of paramount importance in website optimization, but it can even help you make an effective marketing campaign.

Segment heatmap

Perhaps one of the most important tools in creating a good marketing campaign. It highlights the source of your visitors and it shows how visitors from different sources use your website. 

Visitors from each source are marked in different colors so you can easily compare their activity. Sounds good right?

Scroll heatmap

This tool is the most specific of the three mentioned here. You can mainly use it to see how long your website is scrolled through by users.

You can use it to put your products or possibly important information in the right place. A place your users are sure to read.

It is often used to analyze the blog interface, as it allows you to place links to your products or other relevant links in the most relevant place. In addition, you can use scroll heatmaps to select the most potential placement for ads on your page.

But how can these contribute to the success of your marketing campaign? Let’s look at it.

The relationship between heatmaps and marketing campaigns

You already have a comprehensive picture of how these measurement tools work. But how do they relate to an effective marketing campaign?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, online businesses aim to maximize their conversion rates. To do this, they need to gain as many visitors as possible, which requires an excellent marketing strategy.

This is where heatmaps come into play. 

These analytics tools help you display the best CTAs, colors, and motifs throughout your campaigns. Displaying these elements is important because this is how you will get the most impact from your potential visitors.

Also, it doesn’t matter where you want to run your marketing campaign. Don’t despair, heatmaps provide an answer to this as well.

Let’s see what elements you need to consider during the measurement and incorporate them into your marketing campaign:

  • Well performing CTAs
  • Popular colors and motifs
  • Most popular products
  • Content from your frequently visited subpages
  • The source from which most of your visitors come

But how do you incorporate these elements into your marketing campaign?

Let’s make an excellent campaign

Let’s start at the beginning. First, you need to pay attention to the information provided by the segment heatmap.

Do most of your traffic come from social media? Maybe from direct searches or other websites?

Let’s say the segment heatmap analysis shows that 70% of your traffic comes from social media interfaces. In this case, you need to focus your marketing campaign on these platforms, as you can find the highest proportion of users here.

You find out the campaign location, what’s next? You need to create the campaign material. Before you get scared, keep in mind that heatmaps can help with that too.

As we mentioned, these analytics tools show you the powerful elements of your website. Collect them and use them in your campaign.

This is important because the elements that worked in your webshop will also work in your marketing campaign as well. 

Just think about it, the measurement may reveal that none of the CTAs are effective except for one. In this case, you should also use that CTA on social media interfaces, because if you use something else, no one may click through to your website.

You’ll also have to display the distinctive colors of your online business in your campaign. This is important because in this way your visitors will identify you and your products with this color from the very first moment.

This promotes memorability and in addition, colors can reflect your goals and personality. We recommend that you also determine this based on the heatmap analytics.

The third very important step is, what do you need to advertise at all in order to increase your conversion rate?

The answer is simple, the product or content that was found to be popular during the measurement. It is important that you do not have to choose just one product, you can use more than one at a time, the point is to make them one of your popular products.

Keep them at the center of your ad. This is important because your popular product or content serves the most common demand, so you have the best chance of making a purchase.

This will greatly increase your chances to increase your conversion rate.

If you follow these steps and tips, you can create the perfect marketing campaign based on the heatmap measurement.


As you can see, continuous measurement plays a prominent role in the success of your webshop. We recommend that you have to repeat the mentioned process at regular intervals.

If you do not do this, your conversion rate will only increase for a while and then decrease abruptly. You don’t want that, do you? The point is continuity.

In addition, we recommend that you do not rely solely on heatmap data for a marketing campaign, but also combine it with other data. You can take A/B tests or even combine them with numerical data.

We hope we can help.

7 Things You Can Budget for Amidst the Coronavirus

Budgeting is an integral part of personal finance. It may very well be a crucial factor during these times given the current economic climate. 

Although businesses are slowly starting to reopen, no one is entirely certain of the future. What is certain, though, is the need for one to have a solid financial plan. It can help you manage your money better during the pandemic and keep you from getting deeper in debt. 

For simple ways on how to keep your finances in order, follow these recommendations below from the bankruptcy attorneys at Scura

Here are seven ways to budget amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Say Goodbye to Unnecessary Habits

What Coronavirus has done is make us realize that we might not be able to indulge in some, if not most, of the activities we did pre-Corona. Staying indoors has kept us from socializing outside of our homes and frequenting to places that are happy to take our money. Whether these are bars during happy hour or just going to the mall to shop to our hearts content, these habits after Corona might have to take a backseat as most people’s salaries have taken a toll.

As life slowly crawls back to a normal pace, you need to ask yourself, what can you actually afford and what can you put on hold for the time being? Can you survive if you do not indulge in activity A or B? If yes, then you do not need it in your life at least until things come back to the way they were. If you cannot survive without them, these are the services or businesses you need to keep in your life and include in your budget. 

Enjoy Homemade Food More Often

While we are on the subject of leaving behind unnecessary habits, eating take out every day or even a couple of times a week is another thing you can consider placing on hold.

Staying home has probably opened your palette to home cooking and this is probably something you should do more often coming out of Corona to tighten up the load on the money you spend. Cooking homemade food can be drastically less expensive than eating out, and yes that includes take-out. 

The internet is full of fun and delicious recipes that you can easily cook up in no time to serve up a full course meal rather than spend money at a restaurant, say for example, that you could most likely hold off for the moment until your paycheck starts increasing again.

How Fat is Your Emergency Fund? 

While no one knows how life post-Coronavirus will be for sure, most are anticipating that the economy will not be so kind. The possibility of losing one’s job, having a pay cut or reduced hours at work is very high and has actually been happening to many already.

If you are still receiving your paycheck, this is the right time to fatten your emergency fund. Try to be as frugal as possible with your spending and put as much money as you can aside for the time being. This way if you are directly affected by the loss of a steady income, you will have something that you can rely on. 

Look to the Long-Term When Saving

Putting money away shouldn’t only be for short-term emergencies that might come up. Think also long-term. What will happen a couple of years down the line and the closer you get to retirement? What kind of lifestyle do you envision having and will you have enough money stowed away. 

While you put money away during the Coronavirus pandemic to have some coins to spare, why not throw some of that money towards your retirement.  

If you already have a retirement account or a Roth IRA why not throw up a few more dollars for down the line. It can be as easy as increasing your contribution amount by a few percentage points. This way your future self can thank you.

Don’t forget alternate investments like cryptocurrencies. Some financial experts predict the price of Bitcoin to shoot up from the current prices to over $1 million in the next five years. You may not want to miss the boat on that one.

Pay off debts with Higher Interests

If you have some money to spare, pay off your debts with high interest like credit cards or personal loans. If you keep paying the minimum balance only, the debt will keep accumulating. 

You can try talking to your lenders to see if they can agree to lower your interest rates to make it easier on your pockets during these trialing times. If you manage to lower your interest rates, you will have some extra money to invest or pay off other low-interest debts. 

Personal Investment is Important 

Do you invest in yourself? Emergency fund and long-term savings aside, if you have some extra money in your account after budgeting, have a personal budget that helps improve your current self today. 

For example, you can take online classes for that course you always wanted to take or buy that book that can help you with your financial planning.

Consider Your Children’s Future in Education 

If you have children, open up a savings account for their future education expenses. College is not a cheap undertaking. A 529 college savings account will spare you the headache of having to pay taxes on it and the money saved can be used on any postsecondary accredited school.

Although Coronavirus has wracked havoc on the economy, proper budgeting will keep you afloat for times to come. With proper planning, you can survive the storm and still manage to save for your future.

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