Write For Us

BridgeURL invites aspiring writers to contribute on our blog. Our blog focuses specifically on productivity and lifehack related topics. In this niche, we are more interested in technology and enterprise topics rather than consumer-end tips.

Topics we are interested in

  • Enterprise productivity
  • Technology hacks and productivity
  • Business productivity and hacks
  • Online tools and tips

Articles need to be at least 750 words long and should contain absolutely no fluff whatsoever.

You may write on ‘evergreen’ topics. But please avoid topics that are done to death. We are looking for expert writers; not SEOs looking to grab a quick link

You must already have a history of quality submissions elsewhere. Link to the three best articles you have published on other high authority websites in our application form

You are free to link out in your articles. But any link deemed promotional may be removed. We are not here to boost your client’ search rank

  1. Interested? Write to us at bridgeurl ~at~REMOVEgorumors.com (goes without saying, but do not include the word ‘REMOVE’ in the email address) and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THREE OF YOUR BEST ARTICLES FROM THE PAST.