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Q. What is BridgeURL?

BridgeURL is an easy way for you to share multiple links with one easy to remember URL. Want to share your 10 favorite YouTube videos with friends? Simply copy paste the URLs on our website and get one easy-to-share link.

Q. No, I still do not get it

Okay, you can watch the video below

Thanks Michele

Q.How do I browse content?

Every webpage that is shared as a BridgeURL will have two slider sections - one on the left and another on the right. Hovering the mouse over this section will show you a 'Next' or 'Previous' link. You can click this link to navigate between the various shared links. Now, if you also want to interact more with any one shared link, you can click on the box icon on the top of this slider to open the link in a new page. This will help you navigate inside the link without affecting the other links shared on the BridgeURL.

Q. Do I need to Register to create a BridgeURL?

Not at all. Simply click this link to enter all the websites you want to share and press 'Create Link' to generate one shareable BridgeURL.

Q. Why am I not able to view certain links?

Yes, that's unfortunate. Some websites including those like Facebook, MySpace and Paypal have programmatically blocked the display of their websites via iFrames. As you guessed it, BridgeURL uses iFrames to display links and so unfortunately is blocked from displaying these websites. But be assured, such websites are in the minority and so it will not affect your experience a lot of time. I want to flag a link? How do I do this?

Mail us at [email protected]

Q. Do you have a public API?

Yes we do. Click here for the API documentation. Mail us at contact -at- bridgeurl.com for your API key.

Q. I need to contact the owner of this website for advertising or feedback.

We will be very interested in hearing from you. Write to us at [email protected]

Q. Are there any terms and conditions in using this website?

Yes. BridgeURL was created to make link sharing easy among friends and family. The owners of the website have no control whatsoever over the content of the destination links. The service should by no means be used for spamming or be used to share illegal content. Any such link reported to contain references to illegal content may be made inaccessible on being reported. Additionally, we may also report to the ISPs involved and governmental agencies if required.