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Create a Slideshow of Websites with BridgeURL - Digital Inspiration

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BridgeURL Organizes URLs into a Slideshow Tour

BridgeURL is a simple tool for grouping URLs together into a "slideshow" of web sites. Visiting one ...

BridgeURL: An Easy and Fast Way to Share Slideshows of Links - Gigaom

BridgeURL is a free app that lets you gather together a collection of links and share them as a slid...

Bridge URL creates slideshow of websites to share

We all share, doesnt matter if its on email or twitter or Facebook or direct message but when it com...

Share multiple URLS at once with BridgeURL

Share multiple URLS at once with BridgeURLEver receive an email with too many links that made you fe...

Appatic: BridgeURL: Share Multiple Links With One Single Link

Always in the mood for Software And Tech Appatic is a Blog dedicated to preview, review, summarize,...
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